Poezie reciclata [in engleza]

I have no reason for happiness
I am standing alone in my own darkness
Thinking of the good days that went by(e)
I’ll remember them before I die

I’m embracing my own darkness
Holding it tight like it was my happiness
It takes me hours to remember I’m holding nothing
And to realize my brain and heart are bluffing

Holding you now, I can feel that I won’t let you go
I will die in your arms, is something that I know
And now there is no way for me of going somewhere else
I’m sitting here, waiting for god to give me my bless

Instead of something to last
God gave me something to blast
And it`s not just about you
Now I have a grenade to take me through…


Scrisa acum 10-15 ani. Mi-am amintit de ea, am gasit-o, am corectat-o un pic. Cica 90% dintre adolescenti scriu cate o poezie pentru cineva 🙂
I had a soft emo side some very long time ago.


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