Si BBC UK mananca rahat

Stirea “Passenger fixes faulty airliner“. Wow, super tare! Hai sa vad!

“Holidaymakers avoided a long delay to their flight home when a passenger fixed a mechanical problem with their plane.” dupa care mai jos urmeaza “One passenger then identified himself as a qualified aircraft engineer and offered to try to remedy the fault.He was successful, and the plane landed in Glasgow only 35 minutes late.”

Si intr-un final: “When they announced there was a technical problem he came forward and said who he was, ” she said.”We checked his licence and verified he was who he said he was, and he was able to fix the problem to avoid the delay.

Deci rahat, stirea nu e “un pasager repara un avion”, stirea e “un inginer repara un avion” care deja nu mai e stire!

De ce moare presa?

2 thoughts on “Si BBC UK mananca rahat”

  1. Ba, putea fi si asa stire dar, nu cu titlul acela.
    Puteau baga o stire despre norocul care a dat peste oamenii aia sa aiba un inginer printre ei. Nu era senzationala, era de umplutura intr-un colt de pagina dar, era mai bine decat asa. Oricum, You made your point!

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