Zvon – Anuntare Starcraft 2 pe 19 Mai 2007

 Zvon – Anuntare Starcraft 2 pe 19 Mai 2007 –

“Starcraft 2 will be announced to the public on May 19th at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitation (WWI).

On April 25th, according to game company Blizzard Korea Entertainment, it is confirmed that they will announce Starcraft 2 demonstrating it with both vods and graphics. Furthermore, the developers of Starcraft 2 will be there, and have time to answer the questions.

Starcraft 2 is being developed in 3D and there will be new race and some specific changes to remaining races. Details of only minor parts will be released at WWI.

Blizzard invited more than hundreds broadcasting teams from around the world for this announcement. Prior to this very secret moment on May 19th, they will not release any information.

However, from the people who worked to blizzard, there is trusted word about this information. Person who recently retired from USA blizzard said there is development of Starcraft 2 and there will be announcement.

The chairman of Blizzard Korea said “we cannot answer anything about Starcraft 2, we will have a new game on 19th so please come and find out”. He refused to answer if new game is starcraft 2.

The shout castor “Um Jae Kyung” said “I expect it to be very balanced but have concerns regarding E-Sports, but I doubt there will be changes about E-sports in regards to Starcraft I. However, there will be most likely be another league for starcraft II and e-sports will be much bigger. Since I’m one of the gamers, I’m very excited about this”.

The 3rd WWI will be on May 19th ~ 20th in Seoul, and it seems there will be a lot taking place. ”


3 thoughts on “Zvon – Anuntare Starcraft 2 pe 19 Mai 2007”

  1. Nu vom sti pana nu se spune ceva clar. In orice caz, sigur foarte multi fani s-ar bucura de o asemenea chestie.
    Dupa cate stiu, initial au vrut sa faca SC2, dar in loc au facut WC3…

  2. Blizzard din cate stiu nu au avut niciodata un singur joc care sa nu fie un succes. Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft.

    Starcraft 2 cu siguranta o sa fie “a blast”.

    Ce nu am inteles … ce anunta ? Incep development or?

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